I’ve popped along to petitions24.com and I hope I’ve worded a fair piece. The essence of which is Google stop their promotion of spam, or make it clear to all that their is no system whereby spam can be profitable.

As a web-master hit on both sites of this. Both attacked by negative SEO and having my sites inboxes filled with spam from other sites at a massively increased rate over the past three weeks.

The atmosphere or belief that negative SEO works is causing a huge amount of work daily to check on my own link profiles and to spend sometimes up to an hour emptying spam folders, and skim reading thousands of comments, or, as I’ve recently had to resort ( with apologies to anyone leaving real comments recently) – just  “trashing” them en masse without time to look through them until this blizzard of spam is over.

Before you ask – yes I do have anti spam installed, but there is just that much…

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