Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide Released

A short note today to announce the release of the Ultimate Demon Advanced Users Guide.

A few issues first. My proof reader has not yet proof read anything as she came down with a nasty bout of hay fever recently and reading a screen for more than a few seconds is hard work. So although this is now out as promised, there is every chance that before the end of July we will have a 1.1 version released.

This is not a dead document. As Ultimate Demon continues to evolve, so will this PDF. I will aim to update it at least quarterly to keep up to date.

It is free. Not even an email address is required to download it. Although it does have a little commerciality in it  – 90% of it is pure “value” for the reader.

This is the first of 2 documents coming out. The case study or “Over the shoulder” document will be out in a few weeks. While this second document will mostly use Ultimate Demon, it is far more general in terms of SEO principles and the tips and methods could be applied to use with any AAA link building and offsite SEO tool.

Just click on the image below to read or right click to download.

Advanced Guide White Cover

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Paul Rone-Clarke

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