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By | May 14, 2013

This is a very quick video in answer to several of the questions I’ve received over the last couple of days where people are trying to find the links that have been placed on other websites.

Perhaps you have been provided with a huge list of URLs from back linking service and they claim that your link exists on all of them. This may take ages to check. Until recently Scrapebox had this feature built-in as part of the backlink checking add-on – but it no longer works in this way.

However, the recently added page checker which interrogates the underlying HTML of any URL against a list of footprints before was much the same task.

It’s entirely non-obtrusive, makes no calls to Google and obviously creates no spam.

Scrapebox checking a list of URL’s for all sorts of things–including any links to your site

It visits each site once and compares the HML contents of the page against the list of footprints you provide and if it finds it it flags up that that footprint exists on that page. It is capable of finding and separating as many footprints as you like against as many pages as you like. It’s incredibly powerful tool, as this video shows.

If the footprint is “yoursite dot come” for example – it would find and report that a link to “yoursite” existed on the page.

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