Another update is now live on the DemonSEO forums for members who bought Ultimate Demon through this website

Following on from August’s total reboot, I’ve started a system that will hopefully mean that no link packet is ever older than two months – the aim is to refresh every site type every 6 weeks, but I’m allowing myself 2 months just in case I get caught with other work.

This represents quite an increase in the frequency of updates going forward. Rather than have two updates of just one platform a month I hope to do all the platforms within a sub set of sites.

For instance all article sites (Article Beach. Article Friendly Article MS, Article Dashboard, WPMU) now count as one update. Similarly all Wiki sites (Mediawiki, MoinMoin, Tikkiwiki, Wikkawiki) are also just one update.

As usual these linked lists have been tested as recently as 72 hours ago. The packets themselves contain the URLs I’ve created when actually testing the links.

In other words I’ve provided URL lists of my posts and videos and profiles in a separate “proof” folder to show how Ultimate Demon has created these links very recently.

Follow the links and find my posts, videos and profiles for yourself.

Full disclosure!

At the moment I’m using some new footprints to scrape and refresh the Wiki list and should have a full update of those out before the end of September followed by a Web 2.0 update early in October.

The benefits of these fresh linked lists with actual proof of Ultimate Demon success as recently as a few days before publishing should be apparent to all. Increase your success rate and make high-quality links on sites that are actually open to accept your work.

Today’s update is a refresh of the video sites. Too many of the old list were now failing there are now 50 or more video sites would accept links.

In addition, the oldest link packet in the list were the directories. These have been refreshed and the list now has just over 170 that accepted submissions as recently as 11 September (yesterday as I write this). Proofs for both are included in the packet

Good luck to all my members. Remember to write here or comment on the forum if you have any questions.