Google Search Results Show Extreme Domain Crowding

By | August 12, 2012

As a change from the normal tutorial type of post, today is going to have a short post about something that I’ve noticed occurring on Google search engine’s results over the last few weeks.

Site Ranking Many Times On Page One Of GoogleThe technical term for it apparently is “Domain Crowding”. This is where search results for a particular term returns many results from the same domain.

Here is something I’d like to say to Mr Matt Cutts. It is broken.

On example after example the top 10 results in Google and now returning results from the same domain. Listed sequentially and including such asinine results as the “contact page” (with just a form in it) and “About Us” page with 30 words of generic text.

Other sites in the niches are left way down the list. URL’s that are actually offering value and choice to the searcher.

An open question;

What sort of value is this adding to somebody using your search service Mr Cutts?

From this point of view at least absolutely none!

Now you might think that I’m saying this because I have a genuine gripe. That it is my sites that have been relegated down the SERP list and being crowded out by others. Nothing could be further from the truth. Across most of my network I am actually benefiting from this ridiculous multiple listing phenomenon.

Here’s a quick video.

Video Showing The Same Site Ranking In the Top 23 Places For A Commercial Term

But why is it happening?

Well, I have a theory, (and no it’s not about a brontosaurus), for a long time Google and the other search engines have claimed that they will take each URL within your website and treat it independently. This has been the aim of release the last four years. Every page on your website can have its own Page rank and the ability to appear in Serps on it’s own right. All very laudable and correct.

Now here’s the tricky bit. There also has to be a connect between the individual URLs on a site and the root domains overall authority.

The authority is being used by Google’s algorithm to boost internal pages and posts far too high in SERPs

In other words if your root domain has a higher authority rank it boosts all the subsequent URLs beneath it for each and every search term likely to be targeted. This is not good, or at least the algorithm that does it requires re-balancing as the results are currently being returned seem to be giving to much emphasis to the main domain names authority being transferred to valueless internal URLs.

There are examples of “Coming soon” pages which, when you open them simply have the words coming soon and nothing else. They are ranking top 10 for some very competitive key phrases on their own just below a page from the same site that actually deserves top 10 recognition.

As I write this the situation has been ongoing for about the past four weeks. I first noticed it on 15 July 2012 it is now 12 August 2012. I will be keeping an eye on it and hoping that our favourite search engine gets round to fixing it pretty soon.

7 thoughts on “Google Search Results Show Extreme Domain Crowding

  1. R Larkin

    It’s October now, 2 months since your original post, and I’m still getting these domain crowding results. (Until I found your site today, I thought my pc must be infected with some strange malware, that these couldn’t be the actual results Google is sending me.) I keep trying Google once a week or so, thinking surely they’re going to fix this. Are they purposely trying to hurt themselves? They must be shedding users daily.

    1. admin

      Yes – me too. Terrible. I’ve got a holiday niche where there are now only 7 results on page 1 (which seems to be the norm) and YOutube (i.e. Google) are 3 of them, and they are entirely irrelavent. One is about mountain biking in Austria for a search regarding caravan holidays in East Anglia.
      You have to wonder what the hell Google are doing. They are just stuffing the results – they are often stuffing them with RUBBISH

  2. MrEd

    A term for a product I sell now has Amazon in the first 30 spots. How does this provide value to someone searching? WTF Google. You broke your search engine.

    1. admin


      I doesn’t happen on my Ipad, but it happens on my PC sometimes even when I’m not logged into Google and using a different browser. Whether there is a selevtive element to these terrible results or not, they should just be fixed. What with rubbish results and now Norway banning Google webmaster tools due to their over complex user agreement and invasive technology (and many other countries planning or currenty enforcing legislation to follow suit) Google is starting to look a little more vulnerable commercialy than it did even 6 weeks ago.

  3. EdV

    Thanks for confirming that I’m not going crazy

    This has made Google searches virtually worthless.

    Trying to find a TV show cast member’s name for my wife, I googled the show’s name. The first 18 results were for, followed by 9 results from a fan page. To find the imdb, wikipedia, & hulu entries I’d expected, I had to scroll down through 7 pages of irrelevant (to me) listings.

    I had not used Yahoo searches for years, and had never used Bing, but have now switched to them. (I’ve also found Yahoo is more reliable for cached versions op page.) If Google does not correct this, I may never be back.

  4. Jr

    Are you sure those results are not because you are logged in to your google accounts? I see you are logged in at the top right.

    Iv’e seen the US and UK Results(From friends in the UK) and the Serp pages don’t look like that.

    1. admin

      Yes – I am logged into Google accounts – and I know that makes a difference. (I don’t get those results on my Ipad for instance) however as people who use google regularly (i.e most people who use serps at all) end up with a google account (estimated in EU and USA combined 200 million people are logged into Google every time they access it) –

      Let’s face it – it’s insidious. You sign up for a Gmail account or whatever, next thing you know, unless you deliberately go to the trouble of turning it off and finding the hidden tick box that lets you do it permanently – 90%+ of those people are logged into Google all the time)

      Fact remains, no matter what the caveats (and I admit that I should have mentioned that I was logged into GA) it is STILL crap results.

      Why does being logged into Google automatically mean I have to see rubbish SE results?

      It’s a mess, and Google need to fix it. It’s been well over a month, and they have done nothing.
      MC has “passed it on to the team who control that kind of thing”

      Great – “That kind of thing” being presenting Google users with an adequately purposeful set of search results.

      We can deduce from MC’s “handing off the problem to a nameless ‘someone else'” tactics that “Giving the user a quality set of search results” is not his field of authority and expertise?

      At least that’s good to know – even if it is contrary to what I have been lead to beleive. Spam King strikes again!


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