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March 2012

Measure Your SEO Stats And Increase Website Traffic

Today’s post is not so much about Ultimate Demon, or even link building software in general. I’m looking at how to measure your success early on in any project besides just trying to increase web traffic. It can seem difficult… Continue Reading →

Case Study For Ultimate Demon Delayed

A very quick post as an apology today. This Ultimate Demon site has been hacked twice in the past 3 weeks, the second time last night was the most serious and required a full Cpanel backup. Not a massive job… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Demon Link and Database Housekeeping

Sometimes even the best applications need some TLC. Ultimate Demon is no different. After a couple of months of use I have 9 projects running each with fifty or more tasks. I keep these because it’s a neat and tidy… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Demon – Are Links Worth It Without SERPs?

Last night I had an e-mail from a new Demondemon member asking me what on the face of it is a question that perhaps we all should ask more often. Am I building links just to the search engines?. In… Continue Reading →

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