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  1. Brian O'Connolly says:

    Just added your latest update to Ultimate Demon. Almost 95% accepted first time into the database, so far on the first run through creating accounts and well over 60% creating. I reckon a couple of fixes and refreshes and I’ll get to 80%. Easily the best list I’ve ever used mate. Bar-GIN

  2. Warwick says:

    You might want to trim this comment section down a bit Scritty. The page load time for this is going to get outta control

  3. Freya says:

    The last list you published worked brilliantly, except the bookmarks. Really struggling to get many Pligg through. The first couple of dozen whizz through then it stops. Am I doing something wrong?

  4. Akash says:

    hi Scritty, I’ve scrapped and added a bunch of web 2.0s, but when posting the success rate is very low. This is getting frustrating. I’ve set UD to post to 10 web 2.0 sites per day. And when 1/10 work it seems pointless. A few questions for you if you dont mind.

    1) Is there a way to remove (or even mass remove) the garbage sites that I havent been able to post to?

    2) How do i build a quality list, like you say in ur post, id rather have a list of 100 sites that work than 10000 that have a low success rate.


    • admin says:

      1/10 is very low. Did you buy UD through my site Akash? I have a decent WEB2 list that gets over 50 success over about 75=80 submits.
      Also – read the post I’m doing now (http://www.demondemon.com/2012/05/21/ultimate-demon-tutorial-account-creation-and-submission/) It’s a work in progress today and will be finished some time tomorrow. The errors people make on sign up and submission can reduce a 55% success rate to a 5% success rate really easily. I’m adding some results and a sign up check list tomorrow to the post.

      With a decent list the success rate for platforms varies from 35% to 65%, It’s never going to be 100% becasue many of the sitres just aren’t interested in taking your subject matter no matter how well you write it. Some will have closed since they were tested – and that’s fine. But to lose submissions due to an invalid user name, a bad choice of “address”, a poorly formatted title, too little content, bad tags, failing proxies, the lack of a captcha solving service or running your submissions too quickly (or too slowly…some sites closeour account if you don’t submit content with 24 hours of sign up..so campaigns over several days are not a good idea on new accounts)

      65% of this is already in the post above. The rest is being added tomorrow (with a vid I am doing which is a little on the long site so far..sorry :) )


  5. Cade Playcle says:

    Looking forward to these new video and WEB2 sites for lining purposes. Thinking that with 100+ video sites to send our productions to we had better make sure they aren’t too big! 2 minutes of moderately low res will have to be the limit to get it all done.

  6. Glynn Harper says:

    The acceptance rate into UD of your link packets is over 90%, and most of them allow sign up and submission of SEO content. Ultimate Demon is probably the best, easiest and most convenient way of making links and creating web traffic I’ve ever used. Nice one Mr Scritty

  7. Bamjimbo says:

    Do you think the developers of the SEO linking tool will be addeing more platforms? I know there are lots already, but the more the better as far as I’m concerned.

  8. Ramrod Davies says:

    It’s possible to go into some of the accounts you make on web2 and article sites and add a full bio and stuff. It’s even possible to go in and make categories etc. I do this for the top 10 or 12 WPMU sites and some of the web2 sites that survive to have 8 or more written pieces on. Just right click on the profile in the project folder and it will give you the option to jumpp straight to the log in page where you can enter your user name and password. It’s working well for me at the moment.

  9. Clever Trevor says:

    When do you think the linking siagram thing will be added. It’s one SEO linking feature I’m really looking forward to seeing.

  10. David Jenkins says:


    Thanks. I’m really surprised to hear about you paying to use some of the Web 2.0’s – again, not something I hear anyone talking about. Do you find that the purchased sites get banned less often? I’m just wondering why you bother with that…

    I’ll definitely be looking forward to the case study to see how you pull all this off. I’m a total newb when it comes to these concepts, software, etc.
    so I’m sure it will help me out as I learn the ropes.

    • admin says:

      They don’t get banned at all (though I have had a notice from Blogger a few times telling me to not put too many self serving links in) I only have about 20 sites myself. I gave up “micro site” stuff a few years back when Google kept 25% of a pay-check.

      The top 3 or 4 of my sites create 80% of my cash flow. So creating a 10 spoke link ring of real quality for each of those is not particularly hard.
      Only one or two of these spokes are “paid” – but I have Blogger sites with my own adverts on making me money, likewise WordPress.com and Tumblr. They more than pay for themselves. I outsource a lot of the content for these.

      Case Study part 2 goes live today or tomorrow (still on main site) analysing keywords for commerciality. With a free little utility to help you decide what terms are worth spending time and cash on to rank for.

  11. David Jenkins says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    If you don’t mind, perhaps you could consider about adding a section to your case study that covers your workflow processes, how you manage all your linkbuilding activities, etc. I’m not sure if you planned on covering it under “Defining your intermediate metrics and setting up measurement processes” but this is an area that I could see having real value.

    For most areas of my business, my processes are good but when it comes to UD/building these kinds of linking structures, I don’t have any. So, I’d rather borrow yours that invent my own from scratch. :)

    • admin says:

      No problems – good idea about the work flow. It’s easy to get messed up here and start “scattergun” methods to get traffic. Best is to pick the one you are going to have the best skillset for and do that one completely first. Getting more website traffic from other methods than pure SEO is something that link building can help with, but there are a lot of other ways to get the job done.

  12. Paul Carr says:

    Just found your case study site by accident. See it’s up. Looking forward to finding out what niche your going for this week. SEO linking with Ultimate Demon only is going to be something to learn from I think

  13. Leon Lewis says:

    Thank you an amazing post, would examine your others posts. i appreciate your ideas with this, I experienced a bit thump by this short article. Thanks again! You make a good moment. Got some wonderful report here. I believe if more people thought of it like this, they’d have a very better moment in time obtain the hang ofing the situation.

  14. Brenda Jones says:

    There are these WIKI posters about I see all over the place. Does Ultimate Demon post to all of these different platforms? The numbers I’m seeing seem really impressive.

    • admin says:

      No – Demon posts to 4 platforms, something like Extreme Wiki poster posts to 5 I think. Numerically (in terms of actual sites) Ultimate Demon hits well over 90%. Mediawiki is by far the most popular and I’m finding UD’s posting script is more reliable than a couple of the bespoke WIKI posting tools you’ll find out there

  15. Glynn Harper says:

    Hi Scritty

    Only just happened across UD and am impressed with the level of
    functionality seen. I don’t have UD ‘yet’ but am really impressed with
    the level of detail you provide in your articles.

    I’ve been looking at Magic Submitter too and can see that both have
    very similar functionalities but UD has a fixed cost, unlike MS with
    its monthly fee.

    I know UD has some great features coming out over the coming months,
    especially the ability to create wheels and more ‘organised’ linking
    structures but one thing I can’t seem to find information on is on
    whether UD can do the following:

    1. Can I submit a picture or media into content that I post on a Web
    2.0 property? So if I have 20 properties can I post to all 20
    properties with a picture and/or video?

    2. If I have setup 20 Tier 1 properties e.g. a mixture of Web 2.0 and
    Article sites, is it possible to submit ‘unique’ content to each
    property? i.e. I have 20 unique articles and I want a different
    article to go to each of the 20 properties. Or is Spun content the
    only way to get ‘unique’ content to each property?

    Thanks for your help

    • admin says:

      Good questions!

      The answer to part one is yes – but no easily. I have found that some sites
      accept the HTML code that say embedding a Youtube video needs to display
      properly – others don’t. It’s not a listed feature because it’s tricky to
      do. The article sites rarely even allow any media other than text, but many
      of the WEB2 do – but they are nearly all different. It’s something I may
      look into and do a tutorial on. So yes – but it’s not that easy.

      Second – well you can and again it’s not a supported feature but it’s easy
      to work around.

      Firstly you can do the “easy but sometimes not 100% correct method” of
      multispinning all your articles


      Where you don’t spin individual words, sentences or paragraphs, the entire
      article is one spin block and you have X number of spin blocks. Most off the
      shelf spinning tools will let you set this up quite quickly.
      The downside is that you can’t guarantee that each article would be used
      once and that you would use them all.

      The other way would be to have a task for each article – but that would be
      time consuming.

      The BEST way (and I feel I’m talking myself out of a sale here) would be to
      use Zennoposter with an adaptation of a simple article submission script.
      Ubot or even Imacros (free) might be able to do it.

      If I was considering this I would look for 40+ sites on my first tier and go
      for option 1. More or less guaranteeing every article gets used and saving a
      ton of time and hassle. Remember syndication is absolutely fine (spamming
      I do have “written once posted once” WEB2 sites but in all honesty “written
      once – posted 3 or 4 times with different titles” works just as well – if
      not better. Check out my post of Linkvana reviews yesterday. I did a little
      experiment on the indexing and monetization of “duplicate” content, and why
      many in IM are confused to what Google thinks duplication is and confuse
      syndication for plagiarism etc..

  16. Gerrald Holmes says:

    Just joined your site. Sent my Paypal details for Ultimate Demon purchase – looking forward to the links

  17. Anne Lewis says:

    Hi Scritty. I like those photos of you. Nice to put a face to the name, and it looks like a nice face! I You married?

  18. Tully says:

    As far as SEO software goes, I prefer just to make the links. Content creation is not my strong point. What do you think I should do?

    • admin says:

      I owuld outsource your contnet creation in that case. Trying to increase web traffic with PLR is not worth the risk. $1 per 100 words is a decent rate, and of you are going to hire an author for a lot of work (10,000 words or more) consider asking for a discount, prticularly if it’s all on the same topic as research will only be needed once.

  19. Roland Davies says:

    I’ve seen SEO software reviews all over the place, but this site really takes the honours. Superb content Mr Scritty. I haven’t got the cash to buy Ultimate Demon yet, but if I do, i’ll be getting it from here you can be sure of that!

  20. Harrison Clarke says:

    You mention that perhaps we should use other SEO software form time to time. What do you think we shold get and how much money do you spend month my month on link building software?

  21. Fiery Dave Smith says:

    Great site Scritty. I failed in SEO and IM a few years ago. Facebook weas new and I didn’t even try to use it. Man I feel I missed an opportunity back then. But I’m sick of my job now, and want to get back into SEO software and build my own sites. This place has inspired me. It shows that people really do it and even better you show how it’s done. Top job Scritty

  22. Pat Stewart says:

    Found this site on Google under “best seo practices” it was number one. seriously, how did that happen?

    • admin says:

      Hi Pat,

      No idea, I just checked that phrase and see I’m number 3 for it where I’m sat. As a long tail phrase it occurs twice on the entire site and has never had a link tag sent out for it and certainly is not optimized for it..

      Good catch. Just goes to show what a complete lottery “G” can be sometimes. NO one has ever been referred here after using that term either. Go figure 😉

  23. Rickard Parkes says:

    Do you think we can expect more platforms to be added by Edwinsoft over the next few months. A couple more and this might be the best SEO software on the planet. We all want to increase website traffic, and this looks like an affordable solution

    • admin says:

      Yes – It’s not top of the priority list (and they only added 3 new platforms last week) but definitely. I can see a few more. It’s already a favourite and has great SEO software reviews, but I think their next priority could well be the link ring tool. Hopefully that is just 6-8 weeks away now. Adding a good functional link structure tool could be the game changer that makes Ultimate Demon the best link building software to increase website traffic on the market.

  24. Graham Phone says:

    I think this site needs a forum. Many of your posts are now a mile long with comments. A forum would help you organise. It’s also good to increase website traffic. Perhaps diversify, it’s not all about Ultimate Demon and the one or two best link building software solutions, how about touching on content and stuff?

    • admin says:

      Hi Graham,

      Yes – great ideas. There’s just one of me though. A forum is on the cards when I go “closed door” membership in a few months, and I will certainly look at other link building software besides Ultimate Demon as time goes on. Thanks for your input

  25. James Harper says:

    Looking forward to seeing this stuff about the new web platforms. Maybe it’s time to thinking about buying a proper IM product.

  26. Brian Kennerton says:

    Needless to say the next Google updates will mess everything up. I have never used a linking tool and just developed good relationships by hand. My site is in “automotive” and doesn’t really sell anything much. It’s 12 years old, has over 250,000 words all written by myself, and last year it was just destroyed by Google for 8 months. No idea why, and frankly I can’t be bothered to try and double guess these search engines. my site is my site, if SE’s don’t like it, I’ll rely on my regular visitors. Pandering to the whim of Google’s baffling decisions is omething I’ve just decided to quit.

    • admin says:

      Wow Brian – I feel your pain mate. I have no idea why G does what it does sometimes. Not sure they really know any more.

  27. George Harwood says:

    Can I just say that this is the very best site for any SEO product I have ever seen. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen a resource like this for an SEO product before. I’ve bought all sorts of tools and wished there was a decent titorial set or whatever, but this site excels. thanx Scritty

  28. David Connor says:

    I read on Edwinsoft’s that they are planning to add more platforms in the coming months. There are some new article plug-ins that seem to be really taking off and the good thing is that some of them don’t require registration, I think it would be great if these were implemented into Ultimate Demon sometime in the summer.

    • admin says:

      I strongly suspect a few more platforms will be added in the coming months. Regular updates to keep the software working and occasional feature additions are what this developer is all about.

  29. Berney Vitch says:

    I think what scritty is talking about here is getting Ultimate Demon to create a link structure at various different levels. I’m not a big fan of just plastering links all over the place and am looking forward to the new ability that supposed to be coming soon that lets you build pyramids and link rings

  30. Reatherford1288 says:

    Hey this really is kinda of off subject but I was wanting to know if blogs use WYSIWYG editors or if you have to manually code with HTML. I’m starting a weblog soon but have no coding experience so I wanted to get advice from someone with experience. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. Queenie Rokusek says:

    You need to put some stuff on your facebook page Scritty. I’m getting addicted to my daily fic here, but keep the tweets and FB stuff coming as well.

    • admin says:

      Yeah – I only just set up the FB page a couple of days ago. I’m looking for the most effective way to add content to it at the moment.

  32. Peter Lewis says:

    Thanks for the tutorials on UD on http://www.demondemon.com.

    I’ve looked at UD and may be interested in buying. I like the way it can create more realistic profiles for Web 2.0’s, e.g. with an avatar, etc.

    Do you know if the developers will update the software to create more fuller profiles, e.g. with: about me, hobbies/interests, bio; as many Web 2.0’s have these profile sections?

    What’s your experience of stick rate with UD, i.e. accounts not being deleted by mods?


    • admin says:

      Hi Peter

      Stick rate is about the same as any other piece of software.

      UD does allow you to add photos, but for three sites (WordPress, Tumblr and Blog.com) I go in to the profiles after about 3 days and add a small bio and categories.
      I only do this sometimes. If I’m developing a powerful 1st tier linking structure for a site care about and think will be making me money for years to come, then that’s what I do. If I’m just distributing content for inner page links or client work..I don’t.
      Some stick – some don’t. I have some made with other tools that to me look like garbage but have been around for years, others are unique and hand posted and WordPress or Tumblr close them after a week. I’ve had Blog.com re-open a few recently and send me apologies for “an error in spam detection” which goes to show all these things are automated.

      Human mods rarely look at any sites. The one trick I’ve found is not to backlink these sites too soon. Give them a few days before you turn on the tap from your second tier scrapebox, Xrumer or whatever.
      But the best tip i can give you is not to get hung up on WEB2 creation at all. No ranking algorithm test that I’ve done seems to care what platform your good links are from. Good content on a PR7 blog-page with a good full comment and link has every bit as good an effect on your site as the same content on the PR7 Tumblr page or Squidoo lens. Use the remaining good article sites, WIKI sites and WEB2 sites to create a mixed and footprint diffused 1st tier.

      You can add to all of these profiles, and PR, age and authority should be your only concerns when choosing your 1st tier links. “Platform type” should not even come into it.

      Remember, the article and WIKI sites that are left after the cull are mostly the strong ones. I show this in a little series of tutorials on the site. UD allows you to pick and mix and interlink now with just a small amount of sorting first.

  33. Brian Kennerton says:

    Do you recommend using the time feature on Ultimate Demon everything scritty? what are the pros and cons of letting the software runs a couple of days to make a few hundred links?

    • admin says:

      hi Brian, it really all depends. There is a metric that we think Google measures that many call Link velocity. It is the expected linking profile that any new site should have. It takes into account whether it is the main URL that is gaining links or internal pages as well. I’ll probably do a post on this in the next week or two when I have a few other things sorted out thanks to the question might

  34. Zak SEO says:

    Just wanted to say that buying Ultimate Demon from here was the best decision I’ve made so far this year. My site has gone up 6/7 places from halfway down page 2 it’s now getting on page one inside the last fortnight. The discount on the tutorials have really helped me get to grips with some software that could have been a little bit too complicated. Scritty you are a star

  35. DaisyDuke says:

    Do you know where I can get a lot more article sites from? I’d really like to have at least 300 or more I can post to all the time. the number of sites in Ultimate Demon is a little low for my liking, but I understand the article marketing is not the strong suit it was a couple of years ago. I see that you can add sites using this application, but how do you do it, and where do you get them from?

    • admin says:

      morning. Have a look at this category on the site, it mentions both the inbuilt scraping tool that comes with Ultimate Demon as well as great box. Of course you could always buy Ultimate Demon through my link, and get fresh link packets sent to you twice a month. Link to tools category

  36. Kevin Fincher says:

    When I buy the lifetime version through your link I would get a welcome link package and then another link package twice a month – so if I import all your past and current link lists into UD how many sites do I have then: How many article directories, bookmarking sites, web 2.0 sites, forum profiles and so on?

    • admin says:

      The ones that come with UD, then about 900 from the welcome pack – plus the 50 Elgg WEB2.0 sites (which goes some way to answering your 3rd point) and 80 PHP directories. More sites are due to be added in March (WPMU and WIKI) I stress that these sites are all tested and slot straight into UD and work. (you can find link lists stating they have x thousand in them – you import the list and…95% of them are not even accepted by the application – or ARE accepted, but then get a 95% failure rate. My link packets will be updated all the time, at LEAST 2 updates per month. There are no Forum profiles yet (they are down for May’s update once I’ve added more article and bookmark sites)

  37. Paul Lewis says:

    I also heard that UD only has a small amount of web 2.0 sites and we cannot add web 2.0 sites, but since web 2.0 sites are probably the better tier 1 links compared to bookmarking links, profile links or article links, that might be a disadvantage of UD. But even here I guess EdwinSoft will add more sites over time and with the planned CampaignDesigner feature (that is supposed to be released in a couple of weeks) it will really play in the same league with SENuke X and Magic Submitter

    • admin says:

      There are 41 WEB2 sites included of which 13 are PR5 or higher. You can add Elgg sites (they do not have massive PR but are excellent at accepting content – better than WIKI) and as you can see – you get an additional 50 of those through demondemon

    • Beyza says:

      Making links on quality sites is what it’s all about surely. Is there a way to find out which sites have good PR and which sites don’t?

      • admin says:

        Sure, there is an inbuilt PR checker that also checks Alexa rank and “WOT” rating. A very good deal indeed.

  38. Gene Ince says:

    Excuse me for asking (I guess you hear that question quite often 😉 ), but since it is the biggest player in the game I need to ask about SENuke X as well. I guess you have used or still use SENuke X as well and comparing the two, beside the price, what would you say is the strength of UD compared to SENuke X and where would you say SENuke X has an advantage?

    • admin says:

      No point bulls**ing. SENuke – especially it is now SOCKET is an excellent tool. If UD and Nuke were the same price Nuke would have an edge – there is no doubt about this. There are two big caveats here though. Firstly, they are not the same price. One off UD is a bargain and even at $47 a month it’s a great deal. But more tellingly for me is the record of support Edwinsoft have. I have had cause to chat to both Areeb at Nuke and more regularly Brian, Kevin and Jenny at Edwinsoft. (Kevin is the programmer, Jenny the support and admin assistant, Brian the designer). Where they win is in constant updating of their product.

  39. Gene Ince says:

    It would be awesome if you could share how you use Ultimate Demon in your SEO strategy step by step. Would you mind sharing your process?

    • admin says:

      Over time I will be adding more content and maybe a download ebook of “Basic start-up SEO”, but as you can see, the site is busy at the moment and I’m going to be adding content along the lines you are after over time. demondemon.com is not going anywhere but up if I can help it.

  40. Jason Bayliss says:

    Doing a good job of keeping the spam off this site Scritty. I’m new to IM or whatever but have had a website for years, I’m looking for a tool to kick my site and my earnings to the next level. Links and all that. Glad I found this place, look like a goldmine. I’ll be back (asta la vista baby)

  41. David G says:

    Do you have any information about the Ultiamte Demon link wheel tool thing? IS it going to allow you to schedule stuff? I guess it has to. I’t going to make a huge difference to this product.

    • admin says:

      I don’t have a firm date David, but I’m guessing it must have a scheduler of some kind. It will need to know when one task is finished, and it’s links are available to be passed onto the next task, and that (speaking from my old MRP and production planning background) is going to require “scheduling” and perhaps allowing for some “lead time” etc.

  42. Bevan Colvin says:

    I’ve just had a go at making an article in under 20 minutes no way can I match your six minutes yet – man that video should go viral – it’s a master class in massive content creation. It worked, for me that’s brilliant its about 75% less time than I used to take for content creation. That 6 minute article video alone is worth its chuffing weight in gold for anyone serious about making money on the interweb. Scritty.. YOU DA MAN!

  43. Paul Carr says:

    How long does it take to make links using Ultimate Demon on say 500 Wiki sites or 1000 bookmarks? Do I need a server for this to get the best from it?

    • admin says:

      With 60 threads Ultimate Demon is quick. That being said, if you are going to create accounts, have it solve captchas, wait for email links and then submit content on 1000’s of sites – then it will take a few hours. Personally I run everything on servers. MY office PC is for content creation, my servers run all the software. I have my Ultimate Demon set up on a $30 a month server, and with the price of electricity these days I probably save a dollar a day (64p) by not having to have a PC on 24/7 at home (in fact I’m sure I save a dollar a day) so having at least one server pays for itself just off your domestic bills. But if you are creating just a few pieces of content a week to support one or two sites, then a home setup will be fine. 60 threads is quick for submission, SOCKET based tech makes it even quicker and more reliable.

    • Taiga says:

      Do we have a date for the link ring feature yet?

  44. SaveiourSEO says:

    I’m with ALi on this one. But I’m really new to SEO and optimization and all sort. If Ultimate Demon is the best tool, then I reckon I will need to tutoring 1 to 1. Do you offer that, I can pay as long as it’s not stupid money.

  45. Ali Dejanira says:

    SAcraping sites and giving your clients lists of scraped sites that just work most of the time is a valuable commodity. I use scrapebox but I have big issues getting enough sites and by the time I come to test them in Ultimate demon I’m lucky if 1% actually work. I’ve spent all day before now and only had 25 sites added to show for it that actually work. I’ve just joined youtr site and emailed you my details from your contact page. Looking forward to these link packets, that’s real value for you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Ali, I’ve got your email and sent over the “welcome” link packs. Tonight or tomorrow morning the main ones will be in your inbox. Check out the members page for what they are and what’s coming up later in the month.

  46. Cremilda says:

    So many tools I have bought in the past have failed. I had some web2 promotion tools from a company call Incansoft a couple of years back. Now it doesn’t make a single post. I’m of the opinion that you need to have a subscription based model to make it worth the developers time to actually keep the tools up to date. Ultimate Demon seems a lot cheaper than Nukex and does about 75% of what Nukex does. Buying through your link on Monday when my next paypal payment comes in. Looking forward to seeing these link packets as well. Great idea to have ones constantly updated.


    • admin says:

      I had a tool from INcansoft, it was pretty good value and I probably got more worth out of it than the $9 I paid for it, but yes – it stopped working after about 3/4 months. Ultimate Demon is subscription, the incentive for Edwinsoft is to keep it up to date – or stop getting income from either new adopters or existing subscribers.

  47. Macey says:

    Too right, life’s too short to mess about with linking structures that don’t work. I’ve just stopped using SENukeX becasue the failure rate is on the rise again. It’s a great tool, but for almost 150 bucks a month I want something that works all the time. For $50 a month or less, or for a one off fee, I’m likely to be a lot more forgiving. Can’t afford to buy yet though, still have a month of Nuke to run before I can opt out. I need to generate incomce from IM quickly, and you seem like the guy with the answers.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment. Cost is a vital issue for new IMers, and re-investing your first few months affiliate take is always a tough ask when the temptation is to go and and spend it.

  48. unfilaelild says:

    I’ve taken so long reading your site that I’ve decided to buy Ultimate Demon. It’s great that there are products like this out there, and I’m always worried about too many people getting hold of them and the site is getting spammed. I’m guessing that adding new link packets and what not might help here. If you have any other bonuses let me know, I’m tempted by some of these automatic linking subscriptions that are around their so if you get a chance to get involved in any of that kind of stuff why not let your members have a look.

  49. Elisane says:

    Do you think that Edwinsoft will be adding more sites. I haven’t been able to find many Wiki sites in my travels, is this a good platform to add, or was it just a quick and easy fix for the developers?

What do you think?