Today I’m concentrating on the second reason why sites in Ultimate Demon might fail when you try and sign up or submit your content.

Ultimate Demon, as your probably aware, allows you to add your own sites. Article sites, bookmarking, directories and Web 2.0 sites can all be added. There are basically two ways to go about obtaining sites to add to your application.

The first, and perhaps least advisable, is to find a list published elsewhere. For example lists of sites can be found in forums or on blogs posted by another user to the community to use.

And therein lies your first problem. Firstly this list is now in the public domain. If it’s a popular forum you can bet your bottom dollar that many people who are interested in doing the same thing as you will download this list and start using it. This could have a number of adverse effects. The first and most obvious of which is to attract a lot of spam to the sites and in particular to the pages were user content is published. This will lower the value of any links that you get the.

The second issue is that in the medium or long-term site owners might get sick of the spam and simply close their site for new submissions or indeed give up and remove the site altogether. If you watch the video about two thirds of the way through there are some examples of sites that were there at the end of 2011 and gone by February 2012 it happens all the time.

The best list is one that you harvest and scrape for yourself using a footprint. And the best footprint is one that only you know about and only you use.

In Ultimate Demon, a footprint is a search expression used by the scraper to find sites that will fit into a particular category.

Guide to creating good footprints for Ultimate Demon

Again, you can find lists of footprints on the Internet. However it’s fair to say that the ones you tend to find published are not the best, and they have some errors and loopholes you probably need to close to get better results.

Before we go any further, by better results I mean a higher success rate when it comes to submit your content. I don’t mean you’ll harvest a ton of poor quality sites. In my opinion you are far better to have 250 sites that work most of the time, than have 2000 sites of which 90% do not work.

Having Ultimate Demon full of failed sites will take up valuable resources on your PC or server while it tries to post to these failing sites. The trick is to have good quality sites to post to.

In this example we’re looking at Pligg sites. Pligg is a pretty good platform often described as a bookmarking management system. However it’s also a mini blog platform where, it is possible to build up reputations with your accounts on good sites by consistent posting of high-quality content. It’s something to bear in mind.

Have a look at these three images.

Scraping Footprint Example 0


[above] A basic Pligg site with the default settings

Scraping Footprint Example 1


[above] A high PR site with a lot of customization

Scraping Footprint Example 2

[above] A commercial bookmarking site

They are all taken from popular Pligg sites. They show some common text that appears on each site. The menu bar that runs normally horizontally, (although on some sites it may be a vertical panel) has the terms “Published news”, “Upcoming news” and importantly “Submit a new story”. This last phrase is not something you would find on many other sites or platforms. It’s reasonably unique (apologies for the split infinitive here)

So straight away you can use the footprint

[keyword] + “submit a new story”

Ultimate Demon (or maybe scrapebox) would then go away and scrape sites and return up to 1000 results based on finding your keyword on a site that also contains the phrase “Submit a new story”

That’s a decent footprint – but it’s not a great one.

Firstly, other sites discuss the Pligg footprint. This site for example – right here. If your keyword appeared on this page then your scrape run would show this site as a Pligg site because I have written the term “Submit a new story” (several times now…)

Also, this does not guarantee that the site is open for new members. Many sites have the ability “close” for new members – even to close for all new submissions. In recent months many have done exactly this, you need a footprint that filters these errors out.

Notice in the images that the words “register” and “login” also appear.

Register suggests that new members are welcome, and login suggests that the site is indeed taking submissions. So how about

[keyword] + “submit a new story” + “register” + “login”

Yes – this footprint is likely to return fewer results for you to feed into Ultimate Demon. But they will be far better sites. Also, with the search limit in Google being 1000 results, you will get “deeper” into the keyword based sites you are looking for when you use a more specific footprint.

Now – Ultimate Demon may not like the URL’s that this search returns – there is another step you need to go through, You need to append the scraped URL’s with the extra detail


Now – you could ask “Why not put that in the original footprint”?

The reason is, the sign up pages themselves are often very barren, and very “bespoke”, You’ve found all these sites, but they all have a subtly different sign up page with very little commonality,

What 95% of them have in common though is that the URL for sign up is formulaic. It is the base URL for the website suffixed with /register.php

To append this to your scraped URL’s is pretty simple. You can do it in a word processor or spread-sheet, or even easier, just go here. is one of those sites that, once you’ve found it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it.

Copy and paste your list into the big box, and type your suffix into the space above provided.

For those sites that fail, you could try a similar thing this time just appending /register to your original list (without the .php)

That’s it

In turn this should give you the second benefit of finding some sites that very few others have used to put links on.

Remember – If a site is easy to link to – then everyone is doing it. Coming up with tricks like this, and having unique footprints will gain you access to sites no-one else is using, and that’s where the REAL power of linking is.