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Ultimate Demon To Include Wiki Sites. A Scraping Guide

As the developers continue to add functionality to Ultimate Demon, here at http://demondemon.com we look to keep up with this and provide our users with up to date information to allow them to use Ultimate Demon as the best link making tool available on the market.

As I mentioned in the last update, “Wiki” sites are going to be added to the list of footprints that you do you will post soon. However, currently the developers have decided not to include any sites as standard, so you will need to add your own.

Scraping Wiki sites for Ultimate Demon with Scrapebox

To help with this, I put together a quick video tutorial showing how to scrape wiki sites using scrapebox. Although it is perfectly possible to use the same footprints inside of Ultimate Demon’s own scraping tool, you will find the results are substantially higher with scrapebox.

As I mentioned in the video, there are several things that you should bear in mind before embarking on any scraping exercise. Firstly make sure you have enough proxies. These days you want to rotate several proxies per thread running. As recently as a year ago it was possible to run several threads per proxy, but now that ratio has been completely reversed and you need several proxies per thread.

Google will slap a temporary ban on your proxies IP within several minutes even running one thread. And Yahoo have the infamous “999 Error” which seems completely random. Sometimes you can run for five or six hours without appearing, other times it will pop up after a few minutes.

A ratio of five proxies per thread seems to be okay for most circumstances. This is another reason why having your own server or an Internet connection dedicated to your Internet marketing efforts really is and must these days. Having your big link building processes or scraping jobs running overnight on a server will save you both time and possibly money in the long run. But that’s a topic for another tutorial.

I’ve also included the footprints and a list of keywords. This keyword list is used by article sites and covers just about every sort of submission they receive. In other words just about every topic you could think of will be included in this list of 390 words. If you want to be more precise and have a particular niche you want to concentrate on that I would not use this list and instead concentrate on several words related to your own niche.

So for Dog Training you might use;

  • Dog training
  • Puppy Training
  • Advanced Dog Training
  • Kennel Training
  • Guide Dog
  • Dog Obedience Classes

etc. etc. Then run these through the keyword scraper until you have maybe 500 or more.

Finding Wiki sites is not a scientific process. Wiki appears in many URLs that are completely not related to wiki at all, and you’re going to get a lot of false positives when you scraper these sites. Do not be concerned, it’s all about getting the numbers.

Here are the two basic footprints to use, and below them comprehensive list of generic keywords to get you started.

  • inurl:wiki
  • ‘powered by mediawiki’