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More Bookmarking and Link Indexing

Finally here is the bookmarking spread-sheet that I promised three or four days ago. I’ve saved it as both Excel and Open Office format, so if you don’t have Excel then go to the Oracle site and download the free Open Office suite.

I strongly recommend also down loading “Notepad 2” for all your text editing needs.

When you cut and paste your URLs with categories and tags etc, put them straight into a Notepad2 file and then save that file as a “.csv”.

If you save it as a default “.txt”, Ultimate Demon and indeed Bookmarking Demon will not pick up the file and you will not be able to import it. Saving as a “.csv” is as simple as typing your chosen file name followed by “.csv”.

Here are two videos showing firstly the set up, then how to import the data to Ultimate Demon

How to format your data ready for Ultimate Demon’s Bookmarking Tool


Importing the data into Ultimate Demon

The second part of today’s post deals with general linking.

How bookmarking and pinging used in combination with a couple of other cheap tools add a lot of value to the links you will make in Ultimate Demon.

I think it’s fair to say that Google, in common with most of the other search engines actually finds nearly everything on the web at some point or another. However given that the Internet now consists of well over 1 trillion URLs it’s not so much a case of a random bot or crawler finding your work, it needs to have a little bit of authority behind it to actually count for anything.

This rule counts for your links just as much as it counts for the content on your site.

Whereas perhaps two or three years ago “pinging”, (which is to send a quick note to news sites informing them that you had new content), was once good enough, it is now a very weak approach to getting your links indexed and in most cases, and in most niches, it will not be nearly enough.

The main aim of the bookmark is to add power to your linking process.

To give other points of interception for the search engines to find your links, and the more of these it finds, and more diverse they are, more authority your links will have.

One way to think of it, is “linking your links”.

Now many of you new to Internet marketing, this will seem like a nightmare come true.

If you have to make hundreds of links and then each of those links needs hundreds of its own then the pile you’re going to end up with major seemed that enormous that you may just feel like throwing in the towel.

Well, don’t worry!

These second or third tier links as they often known can be made in a much more cheap cheerful and automated fashion than those first-tier links we have talked about previously.

This is where automation really comes in, and the suite of tools included in Ultimate Demon includes a few gems for getting the job done.

First of all, use the “pinger” in Ultimate Demon and the list provided at the bottom of this post should be copied and pasted into it.

It’s a comprehensive list of high PR pinging sites that will get your indexing process started. As I mentioned above, it won’t be enough in itself, but it’s a good start.

Next, use the spreadsheet here to set up a bookmarking campaign to all your created links.

One profile can have accounts on many hundreds of bookmarking sites.

You don’t need – or indeed want to bookmark every link at every site.

Ultimate Demon contains an algorithm which will randomly pick sites here and there so that each back-link will get a couple of bookmarks.

Of course you have the option of creating more than one profile, you can create as many as you like. Personally I have about 20 and each of them has accounts on 150 or more sites. This way I can spray bookmarks around at literally hundreds of back links a day without risking my profiles and accounts being deleted.

Bookmarking added to pinging and you suddenly have a quite effective indexing technique. But for many of you this may not be enough and you can go a few steps further.

Applications such as Scrapebox can be used to harvest tens of thousands of “blog sites”, “forums”, “guest books” and other places where you can place your links. It is to a large extent an automated process that requires some patients and an outlay on what I like to call sundries.

Captchas and Proxies

I will do a post on these two items specifically at a later date.

For now I’ll just say that captures are the “word mess” images you have to type in before entering many sites, and proxies allow you to post as if you were many different people at many different computers at the same time thus cloaking your identity to some extent.

Neither are absolutely essential, in fact there are sites that will give you a list of free proxies, and you can always fill in captures yourself or rely on sites that do not have this protection.

Okay, so now we have pinging, bookmarking and forum and blog commenting or pointing at your high-quality back links.

You can, however, go even further. Many of your back-links will be on sites that provide the page with your content with an RSS feed, this can be fed into Ultimate Demon and post the entirety of your work to RSS aggregators.

Many confuse this with pinging, but posting to an aggregator is a far more powerful technique though it is not always possible with every piece of content or link that you have.

If you have some very good links on high PR sites there are even more ways that you can get them indexed and indexed powerfully. You can even build a secondary link ring just around these third-party sites. I don’t recommend spending too much time on improving a third-party URL, and generally speaking this time is better spent on your own sites SEO, but it is certainly an option that many Internet marketers use.

Add to the mix you Tube videos, using a URL shorter to post your links through twitter, and even setting up a Facebook fan pages for your site and its high quality associated links and you have a large arsenal of possibilities.

Generally speaking pinging, bookmarking and then a decent scrapebox blast will get nearly all of your links indexed and stuck good and proper. Many of these techniques are doable directly inside Ultimate Demon, and I will look into scrapebox and give a full demonstration and tutorial on how to do that in a later post.

Good luck getting those back links indexed!

Download you list of ping servers here.

Right Click on the image and select “Save As”. It’s a notepad file with 100+ ping servers. Copy and paste it into the ping list in Ultimate Demon


Ping List