Monthly Archive: February 2012


Ultimate Demon – WP Plugins and Link Building

In trying to write a blog on Ultimate Demon, one of the problems I’ve come across in the recent weeks is one that I’ve created for myself. When talking about Edwinsoft’s Ultimate Demon’s linking abilities and features, there are so many issues and topics we could discuss that I made the decision to start discussing several at once. This has lead to many questions and emails (and video replies) asking questions and raising issues at...


Ultimate Demon New Linking Strategy – Part 2

Part one is here I’m guessing many of you who have been in SEO for a while have seen linking diagrams such as the one pictured below. Ultimate Demon is of course perfectly capable of making structures such as these. In fact it’s probably the easiest sort to make. You would first task it to create around 60  Web 2.0 sites as your tier one links, and then move on from there. Link pyramids, link...


Ultimate Demon – The Importance Of On Site Optimization

Those of you that have been in Internet marketing and search engine optimisation for many years will know that the rules are always changing. What works today may not work tomorrow. Ultimate Demon is tool for now, and for the future, but let’s not forget that off site linking is just one half of the key to unlocking success in SERPS Going back just over 10 years I remember that Yahoo was the main search...