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$50 Discount For Ultimate Demon!

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 $50 Off Ultimate Demon

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$50 Ultimate Demon Discount

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Discount Code for Ultimate Demon

Ultimate Demon. A one-stop solution for all of your linking.


Creating Web 2.0 sites, submitting to thousands of article sites, directories, press releases, submitting your RSS feed, bookmarking and pinging. Added to the fantastic features included in this ground-breaking software is the ability to add your own sites at any time.

Ultimate Demon is THE premier piece of SEO software, and has all the features that you would expect from the very best in internet marketing and linking tools.


Easy To Use

Clean Simple User Interface

From a clean and simple user interface which allows you to get on and create links within minutes of opening the software, it also includes all of the features that any serious SEO specialist would expect.

Hands Free SEO

Captcha Support

For hands-off running, Ultimate Demon includes captcha support including direct API plug-in for “Captcha Sniper” which will solve 80% of all captures with no on-going service fee.

Your Privacy Ensured

Set Your Own Privacy

Define your own browser agent, and set proxies at a local or global level for your convenience. With Ultimate Demon your privacy is assured.


Integrated With The Very Best

Direct API support for some of the most popular spinning software such as Spinchimp, and The Best Spinner

Multithreaded Speed

All this is only scratching the surface. Ultimate Demon goes several steps further in providing you with the tools you need to create links and to promote your sites with blazing fast speed.

$50 Ultimate Demon Discount

Reliability: Socket Based

Ultimate Demon does not use internet browsers to post your work. This means it can run independently of the changes and patches that often cause browser based applications to fail

Fast Set Up

Import Accounts From Other Software

If you already have accounts made with other software, then Ultimate Demon’s simple account tool will let you import them “en-masse”, saving you time and trouble.

Simple “Set and Forget” Indexing

The built-in pinger will run in the background ensuring that the links you create are indexed as quickly and as seamlessly as possible.

Just past in a list of ping sites and press go.

You never need to visit that screen again. Ultimate Demon will submit every link it creates directly to the ping tool for indexing without you lifting a finger.

Endlessly Expandable

Add your Own Sites

Add your own sites. There are hundreds of sites built in to Ultimate Demon, but you can add your own effortlessly. Demon comes with a built in scraper to find the sites for you. It even sorts the good from the bad and puts sites you find into the right categories.

Could anything be simpler than that?

AAA Record For Post Sales Support and Updates

Best of all, Ultimate Demon is made by Edwinsoft. Without a shadow of a doubt Edwinsoft have provided the very best long-term service and support for all of their software.

They are market leaders in bookmarking software and have a track record of continually updating their products to ensure you always get the best performance.

All this for a one-off fee is something you simply won’t find anywhere else or with any other SEO tool.

And now, demondemon.com offer $50 off the lifetime license.

If you’re still reading this, then perhaps SEO isn’t to you.

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$50 Ultimate Demon Discount