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Better Bookmarking with Ultimate Demon

Edwinsoft, the authors of the Ultimate Demon are of course famous for their bookmarking product Bookmarking Demon. And as somebody who is answered countless queries on this piece of software over the past few years, I know its foibles inside out.

First of all, let me tell you what bookmarking is, and what it sets out to achieve.

– Bookmarking is primarily an indexing technique. Where “pinging” of your URLs will give you some benefit as far as indexing, it is often a temporary and temporal measure.

Items discovered by the search engines by pinging alone are often looked at temporarily indexed and then discarded in rather short order.

– Bookmarking is one of the best ways of ensuring that your high-quality links have sustainability and offer power to your main money pages or URLs over a long period of time. Bookmarking is not a primary source of links in themselves. Some of the very high profile bookmarking sites such as “Stumbleupon”, “Delicious”, “Reddit” and “Digg” might offer a little link juice, but in general this should not be your main purpose for bookmarking.

– The owners of these bookmarking sites are well aware that they are used by internet marketers and others for indexing purposes. It has been common practice almost since bookmarking and bookmarking sites were established at the beginning of the Web 2.0 revolution.

They take great pains to prevent spamming, and if you do not follow the correct procedure and do not play by the rules they set out your bookmarks will fail to even register. Your accounts will fail, and your bookmarks will be deleted.

– No two bookmarking sites are alike. To set up an effective campaign across a range of sites requires some level of preparation.

Loading in a pile of URLs, accepting the default tags and categories statistics as well as titles and then pressing “go” will lead not only to many of your attempts to bookmark failing, but also to the deletion of many of your accounts.

Okay, so all of this seems a little bit harsh. You may be asking yourself whether it is worth bookmarking at all. While the answer is definitely YES.

But you need to take proper precautions and prepare your campaigns properly for them to be successful.

What about a list of things you should do;

– Select carefully which URLs you want to bookmark. Although many bookmarking tools have a “scrape my site” option, I would avoid using it.

– If you have some new material on your site then take the exact URL of the new material that is on and use that for bookmarking. Pressing the scrape sites button will often drag up all sorts of pages you weren’t even aware you had such as “tag” pages “category” pages “contact” pages “about us” pages, in short, all sorts of rubbish which will trigger the anti-spam alerts at the bookmarking sites and get more accounts banned.

Bookmark over time, and expect at best a 50% acceptance rate.

The idea that you going to get very high acceptance rate with bookmarking will often lead to disappointment. Use one profile to make an account at many hundreds of bookmarking sites. Repeat this for many profiles and then set up campaigns with a scatter-gun approach.

By scattergun I don’t mean be slapdash or haphazard in your preparation, I mean hit many sites with a diverse array of bookmarks after carefully preparing first.

Categories and tags must be set up very carefully. While it is true to say that these sites will often require captcha solving, and will check your IP making the use of proxies almost essential, once you’re past those technical issues, the main reason your campaigns will fail will be the incorrect use of titles, categories and tags.

It’s not just a case of too long or too short, you need to select the correct category for your bookmark type, your title needs to be “not too short” and “not too long”, and your tags need to offer the correct number and type of tags. In short it might take you half an hour to set up a bookmarking campaign.

So how is all this approached?

While right at the very beginning of my use of bookmarking demon, and now as I have transferred most of my work in this area to Ultimate Demon I realised early on that are needed to develop some tools to assist me in preparing for my bookmarking campaigns.

As usual, I turned straight to the spreadsheet. I designed an easy-to-use sheet in Excel to help me. I also set some criteria by checking some sites first to see how they accepted bookmarks by hand.

Spreadsheet to be uploaded by 1st Feb 2012 latest. Still working on it!

For instance, how many tags, and what categories bookmarking sites had, and which ones to choose for the greatest success.

Feel free to watch the video here again, and take notes on the criteria are used when setting up a campaign. Also, you can download a version of the set-up spreadsheet that I use in either Open Office or Excel format.

Following these simple rules is often the difference between getting a 5% success rate and a 50% success rate. Bearing in mind that as far as bookmarking goes 50% is pretty darn good.

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Hi Scritty here,

Welcome to, your resource for all the best information, hints and tips and even reviews for Demon products.

First of all, let’s get something straight from the outset.

Those of you that know me from Internet forums will know I’m a no-nonsense kind of bloke.

These aren’t all pandering reviews tell you how wonderful piece of software is an encouraging you to buy. These will be warts and all reviews. The good, the bad and the downright broken.

Better, the main aim of this site is not even the reviews themselves, it’s the “hints and tips” and “how to use” sections.

Have you spent any time recently going through SEO or internet marketing forums?

I know I have, and the posts are full of people QQ-ing about not being able to get their software working properly.

The failure rates are really high. (Ultimate Demon has excellent acceptance rates)

It won’t login. (Ultimate Demon has dedicated log in servers and checks for updates automatically)

The software keeps crashing. (I’ve not had one crash…)

It’s really slow. (30 threads…more? Ultimate Demon will post your content FAST)

Okay, of course all software is not all it should be. Some so-called special offers are really not worth your time or effort. But many of them are.

In many cases there are things that you, the user can do to vastly improve your success rate and reduce your frustration levels with your software.

And that’s what I’m here for.

Yes, to begin with I will be dealing with Edwinsoft’s range, and in particular Ultimate Demon. Within the next five days I’ll be putting up a video section on how to get the best out of it.

These will be like a “Let’s Play” and not a replacement manual!

If you want to know how to do the basics then, as my old engineering buddies used to say R.T.F.M. or…. “Read The F***ing Manual”. I’m here to show you the “good” stuff, not rehash the basics you should already know.

Instead, here at I’ll be showing you how to make the most of your software, how to get better success rate, how to use it in ways perhaps even the developers didn’t think it could be. I’ll be doing it myself, on video for you to watch.

The site is not officially open yet, (note to self, edit this post when the site is officially open) but when it is you’ll soon see that this is your one-stop resource for so many of your Internet marketing and SEO ideas.

My aim is to unblock your brain and your time.

To make Internet marketing, content creation and posting much less of a chore than you may think it is today by showing you how to use the tools for the job you may already have, far more effectively.