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Paul-Rone-Clarke-PortraitHi, my name is Paul Rone-Clarke – Scritty to people that know me (The nickname? it’s a long story, and not a particularly interesting one).

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Approaching 50 years of age, I’m probably a fair bit older than most of the people you see hammering up and down the forums and blogs of the internet marketing highway. I had a “real” life outside of the internet for many years before committing totally to this as a career some 6 or 7 years ago. I’ve worked as a project planner, a production planner a CNC operator and a shop assistant among many other things. I spent most of my working life doubling up as a student. I’m lucky to have been supported by my employers in continuing my education until I was almost 40 years old. Being paid to learn? Now that’s a career!

In 1996 I discovered the possibility of selling on the internet, though it was almost 11 years until I took the plunge and quit my day job confident that I could make a go of it without the safety rope of a regular monthly income. So far, it’s one of the the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Early on I realised that traffic generation was not as precise an art as I would have liked.

Relying completely on SEO for visitors was also not ideal. In fact I’d go one step further and say relying completely on the search engines for your livelihood is like going into a lumberjack partnership with a recently released axe murderer. To coin a very overused cliché, I like to take a more holistic approach. This website is all about that journey.

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It Is More Than A Simple Choice Of Black Hat Or White Hat SEO

Here’s the thing, nothing is guaranteed on the internet. Nothing. No matter how clean and neat and un-self-promotional you think you are, now matter how hard you work. You are guaranteed nothing.

I certainly don’t claim to be a White Hat marketer in the true sense of the word, but I also have never done most of the things that are associated with Black Hat marketing.

You’ll find no advice on cloaking, spoofing, link spamming or trust hijacking here. I don’t do them, and don’t believe they offer a good return for anyone in anything but the shortest of short terms.

On the other hand, I have never once met an individual outside of big corporations who has truly followed Google’s guidelines and built a financially successful website. Not one, not ever.

I’m sure these people exist – but in more than 17 years, and having met probably thousands of webmasters, I’ve never met an independent who has managed it.

Some have claimed they did it… But on closer inspection, they really didn’t. I’m always left wondering if  they really thought the links they built, the content they over syndicated the images they ripped or whatever really was “clean White Hat”. I suppose some people’s delusions run that deep. But not mine. I’m just interested in..

Effective Search Engine Optimization

Blue Hat is not a term I came up with. In fact it has been around almost as long as Black and White hat SEO. 1996 seems to be the origin of the term Black Hat, and Blue Hat is mentioned just weeks later. That’s what this site is all about. Effective SEO, solid traffic building. Staying on top of the changes, planning for the future but keeping it loose, ready to shift and adapt quickly.

Offering value but always with the main focus on the prize – the prize being profitable online marketing

This site is updated regularly. Most months I’ll post at least eight or nine articles here, often many more. I love feedback and am always looking for now topics to explore. A good percentage of the posts here are written in direct response to reader feedback.

By far the most preferable way to give feedback or suggestions is in the comment box below – that way the conversation will have value for other readers.

I have a forum at It isn’t the most active place for normal members (apologies for that) but the Gold members area is where I handle things like product bonuses for people who buy any of the affiliate links I have here.

A Content Based Approach

Some of the older posts and topics on this website talk more about links and less about the content that surrounds them. Why? Because a few years ago that is what worked, and let’s be clear about it, links still win 9 out of 10 battles today.

Having said that, I’d be a little naive not to have spotted the wind change towards a more content based approach. I moved to promoting my own sites using a new method (of which this is just one of quite a few) in late 2012. The method is not entirely mine, in fact it’s derived from several ideas that top marketers use put together. But it works, and I’m going to stick my neck out here and say it’s likely to work for a long time to come. While Blue Hat Demon (link above) has the guts of it, you might want to have a look here to see straight away what I’m on about,.

Commerciality Out In The Open

Some of the links to products here are indeed affiliate links, but here is the deal.

I only promote products I use regularly and vouch for personally. Not only that, but I nearly always go “deep” into every product I promote. There will often be tutorials, suggestions for the developer, work- around for any issues. If an application starts to fail or loses its edge, then I stop promoting it. You will find some posts on this site dating back over 2 years where I have removed the link – that is precisely because I no longer think the product offers value.

If I don’t like it or don’t use it, I don’t sell it.

I have good working relationships with several of the best known developers in the SEO application industry. Many are lucky enough to be on first name terms with me (ahem..cough cough.. see what I did there Smile ) That means I get the best deals, the biggest discounts, the first look – and quite often a little input into the direction that these tools take over the course of their lifetime. By checking in here, you are going to get the news first.

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17 Responses

  1. Marco Merrick says:

    Love the Hitler parody. Funny as feck. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your Churn and Burn series as well, could you get through them quicker. I’m itching to start implementing them. The niche research one (number 3) is a goldmine :)

    • admin says:

      We aim to please. Although that video upset some people. Not like I’m the only one to do a Hitler parody though. If it’s good enough for Google, it’s good enough for me.

  2. Slav says:

    You are now officially my first choice for anything traffic related. I have not been coming here for almost a year. The design has changed and I can now find my things much easier. Great value.

  3. Sascha Horrocks says:

    Great resource here Scritty. Sorry to hear you aren’t coming to the European meet up un in a few months. It was great chatting to you guys last year. If you need help with anything, proof reading your guides again or whatever, give me a call. Always happy to help a fellow SE out :)

  4. Silver Bait Dave says:

    Just read a couple of the article slinked to on the main page here. The one about your mate Dave. That wouldn’t be Dave Grime would it? Your old mucca from Bosch. I heard he was doing he rounds with some IT company about 10 years or so ago then looking for a job doing IT or support for the public service? He’s a top bloke, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that was about him.

  5. Doin' Stuff says:

    Downloaded your ebooks Scritty. A great read. I’m guessing that the specifics change from time to time. This version is 1.4. Do you know when another update is due out. What is here seems really good, I like the ability to calculate how many links you should consider adding over a specific time period. So many factors in the equation though. But I guess nothing is that easy is it?
    Cheers again. I’ve subscribed for more details.

  6. Dillon Baker says:

    Loved the last update Scritty. Looks like you hit the Penguin stuff outta the park. Not so hot with the 301’s though. Not sure what’s going to happen there. Maybe it will come, maybe not for a while.
    I wanted to ask you about promotions buddy.
    Black Friday in a few weeks and I have some clients who want to leverage the extra spend, but need to get their stuff out there now really. Maybe I shoulda started earlier? Mostly websites selling gift things, jewellery, sports equipment and art. Any ideas?

  7. Peter Reynolds says:

    Hi Scritty,
    I guess the take away here is that most of your work is for people creating personal, professional sites rather than micro sites or sniper stuff.
    That would be my need as well. I have a mix of real clients and a few web sites of my own. The clients are mostly friends or local people and I’m doing a lot of the work at very low rates hoping that it will pick up over time.
    The advice here seems the best I’ve found for that kind of work. Thanks for that.
    One thing I can pass on to others is that links, even in late 2014, are the most important thing. Nothing happens in even slightly tough niches until you get links. As much great content as you like, but no links means no ranking.
    It’s a chicken and egg thing. No one sees my content to share it and link naturally because I’m not visible on Google, and because no-one sees my content and creates links to it, Google won’t make me more visible. Unless you intervene somewhere that’s a situation that just doesn’t change in competitive and established niches, you are never going to win unless you give a little push from the outset

    • admin says:

      That is a situation that many find themselves in. It’s not easy – the idea is to get a process started and encourage good natural growth. The only way that works without a massive budget, a brand new niche (and the bonus of being in early) or just “luck” is to push the process along a little from the start. There is no alternative to doing that. It’s knowing how you do it and how much to do that is the real trick.
      Thanks for the comment

  8. The feds says:

    This is one hell of a website Paul. Really great work. The archive page at the top is really slow though. I think the plugin you are using to create it is one of those archive carousel things, and it’s really slow and hogs a load of resources.
    I was looking for your GSA search engine ranker tutorials and it took ages using the thing. There are better about if you go to WordPress and take a look
    Great site though mate, really appreciate all the effort you put in


    • admin says:

      Thanks for the heads up. The site now has close to 400 posts over getting on for 3 years on it (apparently the word count is getting close to half a million – fricking hell). So yes, I take the point, the archiving needs to be looked at.
      Cheers Feds

  9. Tony Middelton says:

    Hello Scritty, I understand this is kind of off-topic but I needed to ask. Does managing a well-established blog like yours take a large amount of work? I’m brand new to running a blog but I do write in my journal everyday. For instance, in the SEO field there seems to be a lot of competition, how do you differentiate yourself? Does this blog make cash? Enough to live on if you are a US citizen for example?
    Sorry for all the questions, but this seems the biggest dedicated affiliate blog on the market run by a single person, I’d really appreciate your reply.

    • admin says:

      Hi Tony,
      I would only blog on topics you understand well enough. There are a lot of webmasters in SEO talking about keyword blogging (niche sites – keyword tools and all that jazz) that isn’t what I do – well I don’t do it much. I run 8 main sites on 4 specific topics. Together they are indeed my income, and living in the UK it’s comparable if not more expensive to live than in the USA.
      I’m moving into product marketing with my own products and JV’s as well, I also service some pretty large clients, but removing all of that, yes, my blogging would still make a living wage. I could really push that side harder and make a lot more I suspect. All 8 sites probably take only 16 hours a week to maintain and very little financial outlay, 6 of them are old though (5 date back to the 1990’s) but most were making money within 90 days of launch.
      The rest of my time is spent on client work and on JV’s for products (look through my archives for September 2014 for what these products are).
      Yes – you can still make a living from affiliate marketing and blogging. In some ways it’s easier than ever as Google have scared so many people away.

  10. George Harmon says:

    Just visited this after seeing the link on Warrior forum. Looking for some other places to hang out as everyone there is just into selling their latest e-book for $7 with a $60 upsell for some application that someone made in a busy afternoon with Ubot of whatever. That place has lost any edge, it’s just a shop these days, and anyone who criticises it gets banned real quick.
    I know you hang out a bit there, and on TP and BHW. What’s the best out of those?

    • admin says:

      Summer and early Autumn (fall for you Yanks) is a tough time everywhere. August and September are pretty dead months in SEO as in lots of home based clerical type businesses. People just out doing other stuff. However, TP is not that big but has some nuggets, the opposite of Warrior that is big but full of fluff and self congratulatory crap and in your face selling. BHW is in between knowledge wise but comes with a harder edge. It’s fair to say I feel more at home at BHW because I don’t like being “sold to”, and while there are some good sales threads at BHW, they aren’t all over the place. Plenty of people just sharing and asking. That’s what a forum should be about IMO.

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