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Social Media Action Plan Client Handling For Agencies And Individuals

New to the series? This is the final post in a set of three. It’s the  biggest, and probably in many cases the only one you’ll need if you have a basic understanding of how social media works and a little knowledge of how your niche/marketplace operates on the web. Here’s the links to part… Read More »

Penguin 4 Increasing Importance Of Links

“Oooh linking again?”. Perhaps more to the point. What is going to happen to linking after Penguin 4? The much maligned part of the Google algorithm. Obtaining links over time with whatever process that entails is still, in commercial niches, probably the most important aspect of getting a high ranking with the Google giant. Ok,… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know: Onsite SEO

A quick distinction here. In this second (very belated part) I am not talking about content. Yes, content should be a massive part of your onsite optimization, however it deserves a post (or maybe even two posts) of its own. This is specifically about technical onsite SEO. In this post I’m talking specifically about the… Read More »