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Social Media Action Plan Client Handling For Agencies And Individuals

New to the series? This is the final post in a set of three. It’s the  biggest, and probably in many cases the only one you’ll need if you have a basic understanding of how social media works and a little knowledge of how your niche/marketplace operates on the web. Here’s the links to part… Read More »

Everything You Need To Know: Onsite SEO

A quick distinction here. In this second (very belated part) I am not talking about content. Yes, content should be a massive part of your onsite optimization, however it deserves a post (or maybe even two posts) of its own. This is specifically about technical onsite SEO. In this post I’m talking specifically about the… Read More »

7 Songs In 7 Days Day 2, A-Ha

Oh dear. Well here is the though process behind choosing this. It was a case of “Do I pick 7 songs that make me look really cool and like I know my stuff” Or, do I pick the 7 songs that I just like the most, or more specifically have appealed to me most consistently… Read More »