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New to the series? This is the final post in a set of three. It’s the  biggest, and probably in many cases the only one you’ll need if you have a basic understanding of how social media works and a… Continue Reading →

Simple Sales Page Layout Explained

A bit quick and dirty today, this post is actually there as a starter guide to refer some friends to as they are about to create a sales page. While it doesn’t go into the detail that some would like,… Continue Reading →

7 Songs In 7 Days Day 2, A-Ha

Oh dear. Well here is the though process behind choosing this. It was a case of “Do I pick 7 songs that make me look really cool and like I know my stuff” Or, do I pick the 7 songs… Continue Reading →

7 Songs In 7 Days Day One The Cult, She Sells Sanctuary

December is the silly season – and to kick the month off I’m going to do the 7 songs in 7 days “thing” (meme?) that’s currently doing the rounds. No particular order, though I suspect these will form a pattern… Continue Reading →

OutBrain For Blog Promotion

Cost effective promotion of your content is pretty much an essential ingredient of online marketing these days. Unless you have an established and loyal audience, the chances are you are going to need to give your content, ideas and offers… Continue Reading →

What Do Google Mean By Thin Or Duplicate Content

You may have missed this. A Google hangout featuring John Mueller. Of course you may need to take some of this with a pinch of salt, it is Google talking about their algorithms and processes and we all know how… Continue Reading →

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